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Who & why


In 2010, Adam Rochon began Respecting the Process as a media student in Toronto. RTP has since incorporated and become the internet's first Journalism Marketing service. After completing thousands of successful projects, RTP evolved and started Journalism.Marketing to help people and businesses dive deeper into their own story and communicate their message. Over the years we have helped hundreds of businesses understand and navigate digital platforms and environments.

We strive to go above and beyond our clients expectations, whether that be quality of work or customer service. Technology is constantly evolving and no business wants to be left behind, so we work hard for our clients to ensure they are educated about journalism marketing strategies that benefit their brand and move them forward with confidence and charisma. 

In 2017, Journalism.Marketing was built to help businesses, brands and people communicate authentically by learning their story and mining for the best possible messages that can be transformed into marketing content. If a business wants to grow and thrive they need to communicate their message with confidence, emphasis and passion.

Journalism.Marketing is on a mission to help business tell stories that cast their brand in a great light. If what you do is good and credible you have the responsibility to tell the world about it. We help you do this with emphasis and in a memorable way.


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The goal of Journalism.Marketing is to help people and businesses understand the power of their story and to educate those that don't know about the benefits of Journalism Marketing. That’s why we offer free consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals and how to best use your budget.

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A good message cannot replace bad performance, but if you have good performance you must get that word out as vividly as you possibly can.
— Larry Smith, Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Waterloo


Adam Rochon

As Chief Process Officer at Respecting the Process Inc., Adam Rochon has collaborated with international business leaders to help spread their messages all over the world. His dedicated passion for the digital arts stems from his attention to detail and his ability to thrive in communication. His ability in leadership was cultivated by his media career as a student in Toronto's fast paced community and transitioned into a flourishing business owner in the Region of Waterloo.

Adam's goal has always been to continue working with passionate leaders like himself and help showcase their products and services with clarity, efficiency and quality access on a global scale. His strategic methods have been embraced and implemented by various sectors ranging from entertainment, post-secondary educational institutions, professional sports athletes, growing tech companies as well as the automotive industry.



  • Leadership
  • Video marketing (strategy, production & distribution)
  • Strategic change
  • Journalism / media theory
  • Storytelling
  • Branding
  • Communication
  • Goal setting

With his help I learned very quickly that anything is possible. These videos have reached the masses world wide & to this day I get feedback from major promoters from around the world on how compelling & interesting my story has become.
— Denton Daley, Champion Boxer

This case study examines the impact Adam Rochon's company and the internet's first Journalism Marketing service, Respecting the Process Inc.,  had on the impressive boxing career of "Dangerous" Denton Daley. Throughout his journey as a professional boxer, Denton set an incredible example for fellow Canadian athletes and won many illustrious titles.