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Journalism Marketing


Leaders, disruptors & innovators wanted!

Journalism Marketing is ideal for:

Corporate Leaders

Our corporate clients benefit from our guidance, creativity, organization and reliability. We help streamline communication processes and greatly enhance branding by finding and telling the stories that need to be told. 

Independent Businesses

In order to survive businesses need a powerful narrative. People need to know who you are, what you do and why you are the best. We help you show the world exactly who you are with creativity, emphasis and passion.


Getting started is time consuming and there is enough on a start-ups to-do list. We want to be part of your growth and know how to accelerate your development with powerful and impressive communication strategies.


Adam Rochon is a talented artist who I had the privilege of working with to promote our research program. He is very smart & capable to quickly capture the fundamentals of our research program. He produced a very impressive promotional video which was used by the College to showcase our applied research activities at an event in Parliament Hill.
— Dr. Hamid Karbasi, NSERC Industrial Research Chair

Top level quality.
— BMW Grand River
Fresh new perspective to the video marketing industry.
— David Ward, Film Producer

Nothing short of phenomenal.
— Denton Daley, Professional Boxer

A modern day storyteller with less talk & more action. Game changer!
— Gerald Kara, Small Business Owner

Efforts aided with exceeding revenue goals, driving high-volume new user acquisition & growing our businesses.
— Peter Mankowski, CEO

Loved working with Adam! He is incredibly creative & professional. He was able to capture the moment & deliver a great story through video.
— Rachel Schoutsen, The Weather Network

Adam & his team are great to work with, they made the process of creating a promo video for us very simple & enjoyable.
— Joe Woodhouse, CFO

Adam has a genuine care for the people he interacts with and he continually empowers others around him to the be the best they can be. His knowledge and expertise in the digital world are superb, you can’t go wrong having this guy in your corner.
— Nate Kara, Social Media Coordinator

Adam is Awesome because:
1. He knows the art of active listening very well.
2. He knows how to manage time.
3. He is always learning & adding to his knowledge.
— Iman Shafieloo, CEO

Adam is as ambitious as he is creative. I have had the pleasure of knowing Adam since he started as an entrepreneur building Respecting the Process. He was a reliable marketing conduit for my tech start-up & produced an effective series of videos that were solid additions to our marketing.
— John Beresford, CEO

The best part about working with Adam is that he clearly communicates his intent and expectations for the a project at hand yet, he has a natural sense of creating comfort for those within his working environment.
— ColinResponse, Recording Artist

Adam & his team at Respecting the Process were great to work with. We were pleasantly surprised with how prompt they were in creating our videos & how professional their products were. We definitely recommend that you consider Respecting the Process if you have any needs for video or creative work.
— Mark Okkema, CEO

Adam and his team are professional and great to work with.
— Sheryl Plouffe, Video Marketing Strategist

I was interviewed by Adam Rochon on his Respecting the Process Podcast a few years ago. The title of the podcast episode was “Transformational Change”. As a psychology professor & former school psychologist, I have a unique perspective on the individuals I work with. There is no doubt that Adam is a rising star in journalism marketing & multimedia. He is also a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. An elevated quality that we take for granted these days. Working with him as both a student leader for Conestoga Students Inc in his early years & more recently as a Podcast producer has been inspirational, to say the least. His professionalism, creativity & open mindedness are a powerful combination indeed!
— professor, published author, TEDx speaker & former school psychologis